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Polly Scattergood

The Attic Sessions CD EP (Signed)


Release Date: 16/10/2020

Discs: 1

This summer, Polly Scattergood returned with her latest studio album, entitled ‘In This Moment’. …

“Adventurous third album” **** MOJO

“Mighty & Magisterial. Haunts and enchants.” **** DAILY MIRROR

Epic in the grand swelling tradition of Depeche Mode.” THE TIMES

…a powerful and cinematic, scattered with moments of raw intimacy and delicate soundscapes, documenting various snap shots of life. Like a soundtrack to a compendium of photographs, it is a collection of experiences that come together to create an album.

October 16th sees Polly release an acoustic EP, entitled “The Attic Sessions”, about which she has this to say:

"In the absence of touring, we decided to move our gear into the attic and set up a little space we could live stream from. "The Attic Sessions - live from lockdown" became a regular fixture on YouTube. We played various stripped back skeleton versions of tracks from "In This Moment". It was just me and Glenn and a few instruments. It really felt like going back to my roots. The voice and the story had to carry it all which felt refreshing. They had such a warm reception we decided to put them onto a little EP recorded live from our attic. I love the realness of this EP. I am someone who tends to spend hours in the studio but, with this EP, I just allowed it to be "In This Moment" and embrace the imperfections of 2020; the sounds of our creaking the attic and the odd seagull from outside the window. They always seemed to sit on the roof the minute we pressed record!”

1. Bloom (Acoustic)
2. Clouds (Acoustic)
3. Pearl (Acoustic)
4. Anchor (Acoustic)
5. Red (Acoustic)